Community Tickets: Tracking sales & getting paid

Community Tickets allow site admins to collect fees for ticket sales made on their site.

As the site admin, you can view ticket sales from your dashboard. You can access the sales report for an event two different ways. From your main Events listings, mouseover the event and then select Orders.

KB - admin orders

Alternatively, you can click the Sales Report link in the ticket section of the Edit Event Screen.

KB - admin orders 2

Both of these links will take you to the event's order report. This page shows all the tickets that have sold, and calculate the total revenue, ticket sales, and site fees.

KB - admin order

The community organizer can also view their event's sales by clicking Reports: Sales under the event on their My Events page.

KB - user sales

They'll then see their own version of the sales report:

KB user event orders

Collecting fees

There are two ways to collect fees from ticket sales. The default option is to have all ticket sales collected via your e-commerce engine (WooCommerce). You can then divide up the money as needed.

With this method, it is your responsibility as the site admin to pay event organizers- by whatever method you prefer. You can use the sales data for each event to track how much is owed to the organizer and how much you have earned in fees.

The second option is to enable split payments, which divide up each ticket sale according to your fee settings and immediately pays the site admin and the event organizer via PayPal. Read more about using split payments below.

Using split payments

It's important to note that this functionality is currently based on PayPal’s Adaptive Payments API which was recently deprecated. We’re investigating replacements, however, it you do not already have a live, approved Adaptive Payments account then you may no longer be able to acquire one.

If you already have a live, approved account however then you can enable split payments on the Community settings page.

When tickets are sold, you will automatically receive payments to the PayPal address defined in settings. The amount you receive depends on the fees you've defined in the main Community Tickets fee option settings.

The event organizer will also receive automatic payments for their part of the sales. With split payments enabled, the organizer will be required to fill in a PayPal address as part of the event creation. They will also be given the option to adjust the fee option defaults for their events from their Payment Options page.

Are split payments right for you? 

We can help you decide.


  • As a site admin, you have no responsibility to handle or distribute funds
  • Community organizers get paid immediately with no action from the admin


  • Split payments are more work to set up, and require a PayPal developer account
  • Refunds and canceled events are significantly more difficult to handle. Refunds are deducted from the site admin's total, with nothing taken from the community organizer's profits.e