Create a Message

Create a message by clicking into the event for that message, then click on the Create Message button on the screen.

Clicking the button will open the message editor.

  • Select recipients of this message - Choose the attendees who will receive the message. The options will provide the attendee lists for this and other events. All attendee lists contain people who have purchased a ticket for the event.
  • Who is sending this email? - Set the name and email address that appears in the To line of the email. By default, this will use the name and email of the Promoter account.
  • Customize message - Enter the subject line and content for the email message.
  • Using Merge Tags - Add dynamic content to your message. See the Merge Tags guide for more details.
  • Schedule when the message goes out - Sets the date and time that the email will be sent. See the Send and Scheduling guide to learn about the various options available.