WooCommerce and VAT taxes

If you are in a country with VAT taxes there are extra steps you need to take to be compliant. Event Tickets Plus follows what WooCommerce does for regular products without you having to make any modifications, but there are settings you should be familiar with when setting up taxes.

This guide is an overview of those settings. It is not intended to be used to verify you are compliant with your respective tax laws. We recommend that you read over the WooCommerce Tax Documentation and use a plugin such as WooCommerce EU VAT Compliance.

Enabling taxes

To set up taxes in WooCommerce, head to WooCommerce > Settings > Tax > Tax Options and check the Enable Taxes option. From there you'll also want to choose how to enter prices- with or without including the tax.

WooCommerce Vat Tax - Options

Display options

WooCommerce has two options for displaying taxes on the Tax Options page. You can either include or exclude taxes when displaying the price:


Display Options

Suffix message

If you want to display a message after the listed price (such as ex.VAT or inc.VAT) use the Price Display Suffix field on the Tax Options page:


WooCommerce Vat Tax - Suffix

It will then display on the front end of your site in the ticket add to cart form:


WooCommerce Vat Tax - Display

Note: As of WooCommerce 2.3 there is no method to display the tax rate next to a price.

The Events Calendar cost display

The Events Calendar cost field within the event information or in the headers of events does not display the suffix or handle prices inclusive or exclusive of taxes. However, you could do this through a customization. Be sure to follow our themer's guide recommendations for making customizations.

Alternatively, instead of customizing the display in the cost field, you could also use the following CSS to hide all the cost fields except in the ticket add to cart form:

/*The Events Calendar - Hide All Event Costs*/
.tribe-events-list .tribe-events-event-cost,
.tribe-events-schedule .tribe-events-cost,
.tribe-events-meta-group dl dt:nth-child(5),
.tribe-events-meta-group .tribe-events-event-cost {

If you have further questions about how The Events Calendar displays costs please post to our help desk. For issues related to tax display in WooCommerce, you'll want to get in touch with WooCommerce support.