Why am I being told my license key is out of installs?

Upon entering a license key into its corresponding license key field in your WordPress site's settings, you may be met with a notice that says you're out of installs. The notice usually looks like this:


Why it Happens

This notice usually only arises when the following two things are true:

  1. You have purchased a subscription type that supports a limited number of license key activations.
  2. You have already entered this license key on the maximum number of allowed sites.

☝️ When these conditions are met, you will get the "out of installs" notice on your Licenses page. This means that you have reached your subscription's limit for license activations, and your license key cannot be installed on any additional sites.

For example, a Personal subscription for Events Calendar PRO will only allow activation on one site. If you try to add the Personal license key to a second or third site, you will get the "out of installs" notice.

How to Fix It

There are two main ways to resolve this error message.

Option 1: Upgrade the Subscription

First, you can upgrade your subscription to a higher tier that allows for more sites to use it. You can do this any time by heading to your account's License Keys page and using the upgrade buttons there to purchase an upgrade. Here's a screenshot of those upgrade buttons, for reference:


Option 2: Disconnect the License Key from Other Sites

An alternative to upgrading your license key is to remove support and updates from one of your sites to "make room" for another site. This is easy to do, as we'll see here.

🔔 Note: An active license key is required to get support on a website. Abusing license keys to try and get support or updates on more sites than your subscription officially allows will not be tolerated. If you activate the license on one site for support one day, then another site for a different support request another day, and so on, we will easily spot this abuse and promptly close your account.

With the above disclaimer in mind, here is a Knowledgebase guide that covers how to disconnect license keys from one site to make room for another site.

A Word on Using Licenses on Development Sites

If you want to use the same license key on a live site and its development or staging version, this shouldn't be a problem. Check out this Knowledgebase guide for more information on doing that.