Upgrading a subscription

Our Personal subscriptions are great when you are using a plugin on one site. But what if you want to use one of our paid plugins on multiple sites? We've got you covered! You can upgrade your subscription for use on multiple sites, right from the comfort of your TheEventsCalendar.com account.

Subscription Levels

We have four subscription levels available: Personal, Business, Agency, and Unlimited. These titles are just descriptive, not rules. If you need licensing for a single site, you only need the Personal license, no matter what kind of site it is for. Business subscriptions allow you to use a license on up to 3 sites, and Agency subscriptions can be activated on up to 10 sites. Unlimited subscriptions can be activated on as many sites as desired.

For multisite users, Multisite subscriptions are also available. For more information on upgrading an existing single-site subscription to Multisite, please contact our support team.

Upgrading a Subscription

You can upgrade a subscription at any time, so when your needs change, your subscription can, too! Your new subscription tier will become effective immediately after purchase--simply pay the difference between your current tier and your desired upgrade tier. When your subscription renews automatically, you'll be billed at the regular yearly rate for your new subscription tier.

To upgrade your current subscription tier, log in to your account on TheEventsCalendar.com and navigate to My Account --> License Keys. Your current subscriptions and license keys will be listed there. For this example, we'll be upgrading this Event Tickets Plus subscription.

Display of an Event Tickets Plus Personal subscription with one site activation

The subscription indicated in the picture above is a Personal subscription, so it is available for use on one website. On the right, under the Renew button, I have three upgrade links: Business, Agency, and Unlimited.

For this example, let's upgrade the Personal subscription to a Business subscription (for use on three sites). Clicking the Business link takes you directly to the checkout page. You'll see your upgrade discount (as described above) already factored in. Review your billing information, accept the Terms and Conditions, and hit Place Order.

Once your order is placed, you'll see that your subscription has been upgraded to Business level, and your license key can be activated on up to two additional sites.

Event Tickets Plus subscription after upgrading to Business level

Once you've upgraded your subscription, you can go ahead and add your license to a few more sites! Thank you for your support!